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Clinton offers a wide range of year-round activities for residents and visitors of all ages. Whether you are looking to delve into local history and culture, discover vintage and antique treasures, discover small-town hospitality at a local event, or explore the beautiful wilderness with outdoor recreation opportunities, Clinton has something you will love. 

View locations of local businesses, parks, trails & recreational facilities on our interactive Google Map here.

History, Art, and Culture

Visit the famous Clinton Museum located on the main highway for a look into local history and Indigenous culture. The building which houses the Museum was built in 1892 and made from locally handmade bricks. The building served as a school until 1925 and was a courthouse from 1925 to 1955. The new courthouse was built next door and the brick building was taken over by the Museum Society in 1956. 

While at the Museum, be sure to check out the Antique Fire Truck. This 1925 model La France pumper, originally used by the Vancouver Fire Department up until the 1950s, was given to Clinton in 1958. As a fundraising project, $1.00 tickets were sold and the lucky person whose name was drawn was given credit for 'donating' the fire truck to our town. The pumper still has most of its original parts. 

Try out the self-guided Historic Walking Tour and check out the historic government stables, Pollard House, Roberston House, 1861 Pioneer Cemetery among other notable historic stops. View the tour booklet here. 

Visit one of the many shops for historic antiques and local art. Clinton is home to many talented artists who display or perform their talents at local businesses, the weekly farmers market, and various events. Read more about art in Clinton here. 

Read more about Clinton's history, art and culture.

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Parks, Trails, and Recreation

Relax and recharge beside the creek in the beautiful Reg Conn Centennial Park located in the heart of the community. 

Explore local geology by visiting the limestone quarry (located 3km west of Clinton on Pavilion-Clinton Rd) and looking for fossils with early plant life.  You can also try to spot remains of the soda industry from 1920 to 1940 in the region. From the early 1900s, washing soda was taken out of several lakes in the area. Blocks of ice were cut in the winter and left to melt on large log 'boats'. Some remains can be spotted in the region today. 

Try your hand at hiking, biking, skiing, or horseback riding one of the many local trails.

Experience a little "Western Heritage" and enjoy horseback riding - a favourite pastime of visitors and residents alike. A unique way to take in the serene landscape and breathtaking scenes. 

Take a drive and check out the beautiful Chasm Ecological Reserve, Marble Range, Big Bar, or Edge Hill Provincial Parks.

Visit one of the Village's indoor facilities for skating, curling, and fitness amenities.

Find out more about how you can explore and adventure in and around Clinton here.

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Image: Explore TNRD / Mary Putnam

Local Events

If you get the chance to talk to any of the friendly locals, you will likely hear about one of the numerous local events put on by community businesses and organizations. From the Annual Ball (which is the longest-running consecutive event in Canada) to Music in the Park events, there is an event for everyone. 

Be sure to check out the video above on Clinton Rodeo Days highlighting popular events, including the rodeo and parade, occurring between the May Long weekend and the last weekend of May. 

Read more about annual and upcoming events here.

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