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Mayor Susan Swan

Born and raised in a small farming community in the Upper Ottawa Valley, Mayor Swan with her husband Greg and two sons made the permanent move to Clinton in 1995. Having come from a rural background the Village of Clinton was just the right fit and the Swans embraced community life raising their children and operating their businesses.

Mayor Swan became the Correspondent to the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal and began attending Council meetings in 1997. Becoming interested in the decision-making process and how those decisions affect the future of the community, Mayor Swan chose to run the 2011 election with the hope of being able to give back to the community that had welcomed her and her family and was successfully elected as Councillor. …. READ MORE >

Mayor Swan states “the first year was a very steep learning curve, not only in the duties of elected officials but also learning to work with a diverse group of people including other levels of government, council members and staff.” After serving on Council for three years, Councillor Swan chose to run in the 2014 election where she was acclaimed as Councillor for the Village of Clinton for a second term, giving her the opportunity to continue to serve her community and complete initiatives started in her previous term.

In 2018 as a Councillor, Susan Swan chose to put her name forward for the Office of Mayor and was elected to that position. Mayor Swan states “that she is most passionate about communication in local government. To me that means listening to the concerns and opinions of residents, holding open, transparent Council meetings and communicating decisions to the residents.” Mayor Swan feels it is important to consider the views of the residents while making decisions for the community, keeping in mind Village policies, bylaws, and jurisdiction.

Mayor Swan feels that Provincial downsizing and centralization, as well as a lack of rural health services, are some of the biggest challenges faced by small communities. Young people leave their communities to gain employment resulting in an aging population in many small rural communities that often do not have the health services they require. To that end, she serves on various committees in an effort to enhance the quality of life for Clinton’s residents.

Councillor Sandi Burrage

Originally from Burnaby and the Fraser Valley, Councillor Burrage grew up on the family farm. She is not a stranger to hard work and is a “salt of the earth” kind of woman. Councillor Burrage worked hard to save and put herself through post-secondary education at BCIT where she achieved her Structural Drafting certification. She was hired by Wright Engineers later known as Fluor Daniel Wright where she had many opportunities to learn and grow. Some of the projects she worked on include Brenda Mines, Afton Mines (now New Gold) and Highland Valley Copper.

Today, Councillor Burrage is an Early Learning Educator, certified in early learning programs including Parent-Child Mother Goose. Initially the Pre School …. READ MORE >teacher in Clinton, she is now responsible for Pre-School, Mother Goose, Strong Start and is involved in the After-School Program. Her love of kids and their educational success has led her to be the Grad sponsor at David Stoddart School for many years.

When Councillor Burrage and her husband Richard, were expecting their first child, they made the decision to move out of the lower mainland. Richard, a Journeyman Millwright, is dispatched from a Union Hall and works all over BC and Alberta. This afforded them the luxury of living anywhere in BC. Clinton, having such an affordable housing market and diverse recreational opportunities was the perfect community to make their new home. Rich and Sandi have lived in Clinton for 26 years and consider this their forever home.

Councillor Burrage has strong family and community values and was named Clinton’s 2011 Citizen of the Year. Councillor Burrage is a consummate volunteer; her passion towards her community has led her to join many non-profit groups where she volunteers endless hours and strives to make Clinton a vibrant and welcoming community. When asked why she wanted to run for Council, Councillor Burrage states “she is passionate about Clinton, and wants to honor Clinton’s heritage and history while working to attract tourism, new business and residents to enhance Clinton’s services and ensure sustainability.” Councillor Burrage believes in open communication and transparency and looks forward to the challenge of representing the interests of Clinton for the next 4 years as she serves as Councillor.

Councillor Kim McIlravey

Councillor Kim McIlravey returned to Clinton approximately 7 years ago, with her husband Neil to raise their 3 of 4 children. After living in the Lower Mainland, for a couple of years, the call of small-town life lured them back to Clinton. The McIlravey’s continue to raise two of their children in Clinton and enjoy sharing their home town activities with their 3 grandchildren. Councillor McIlravey wanted to be involved in the community and in her children’s extracurricular activities as such, 4-H, PAC, minor soccer and now very actively involved in Highschool Soccer, Barrel Racing, Cadets and Armed Forces Cadets. As an avid volunteer, running for Council seemed like a natural progression. Councillor McIlravey contemplated running for Council since the 2014 election, at that time she had concerns regarding bylaws and wanted to be involved in positive change.…. READ MORE > As such, she put her name forward as a candidate for Councillor and was elected October 20th, 2018 for her first term.

Councillor McIlravey is a licensed Care Aid-working in the Communities and a certified Travel Agent, she operates a home-based satellite office for a travel agency in Langley. Councillor McIlravey has a passion to advocate for improved services for seniors and youth in the community. She loves the lifestyle that small town rural BC has to offer and hopes to facilitate planned growth in Clinton while keeping the “small town feel” intact.

Councillor David Park

Born and raised in Clinton, Councillor Park attended school from kindergarten through to graduation here. Councillor Park’s family roots run deep in Clinton and he is proud to call Clinton home. After graduation work caused Councillor Park to move to Vancouver and later Europe, however when it was time to start a family Councillor Park and his partner Jennifer chose to settle in their home town of Clinton to raise their family consisting of three young children. Councillor Park truly believes that “Clinton is the best place on earth to live and raise a family because you can afford a mortgage and the outdoors are only minutes from your doorstep.”

Initially elected to Council in 2011, and acclaimed to Council in 2014, Councillor Park brings …. READ MORE >7 years experience to the Council table for his third term in office. Councillor Park chose to run for Council as he feels that his demographic should be represented at the Council table, he wants to continue to be involved in the decision making that will define Clinton’s future.

Councillor Park is most passionate about “being part of the process” at the Council table, he states that “there are a lot of challenges and a huge learning curve when first elected,” but once you understand the process and realize its significance the opportunities are limitless.

Councillor Park feels that the biggest challenge facing small communities is a lack of funds resulting in budget restraints. Small communities all over BC struggle to maintain staffing, infrastructure, and services while upper levels of government continue to offload more responsibilities to the municipal level. Councillor Park hopes that with the direction given by the community in the 2014 Sustainability Plan, Clinton will become the thriving sustainable community that residents want it to be.

Councillor Christine Rivett

Born and raised in Oakville, Ontario Councillor Rivett spent most of her adolescent spare time at the local stable as her passion was horses. In 1972 she married her life companion, Jim Rivett. Becoming a homeowner in a small-town Councillor Rivett got her first taste of local government when she secured a position with the tax department, eventually transferring to the Parks and Recreation Department. Her horses grew in numbers so the Rivetts sold and purchased property outside of Guelph, Ontario. Not wanting to commute, Councillor Rivett was successful in obtaining a management position in Guelph with Conestoga College. It was here that she decided to continue her education through night school and acquired a Business Management Studies Certification. In the mid 90’s she became interested in holistic practices and became certified in Reflexology, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. …. READ MORE >

In 1998 Jim was offered a position in Calgary, Alberta. So, Councillor Rivett left the college, packed up the house, along with all their four-legged family members they headed west. Pursuing her new interests, Councillor Rivett decided to train with the Upledger Institute and soon opened a practice offering CrainioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage along with other modalities. To further her healing knowledge Councillor Rivett traveled to Peru several times where she studied with the Medicine people high up in the Andes mountains. The theory portion of these studies was held at the Quaaout Lodge and that’s where she fell in love with British Columbia.

In 2008, the Rivetts once again packed up and headed to Clinton. Councillor Rivett still remembers her first visit to Clinton, where she felt an instant connection with the energy of the place.

As a Councillor, she wants to see Clinton continue to flourish and maintain its small-town feel. One of the many issues facing all small communities is a lack of affordable housing. Businesses need more employees but there is nowhere for these potential employees to buy or rent. Active with the Seniors Supportive Living Project she believes the development of this facility will free up several homes in Clinton for new families and meet the needs of our aging population within the community. Councillor Rivett feels that the more we offer our citizens in the way of places to live, shop, eat, work or just to meet and pass the time, people will want to visit Clinton and/or make it their permanent residence.

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