The Pioneer Cemetery located at the North end of Clinton recorded its first grave in 1861. The four acre grassy knoll was donated to Clinton’s pioneer families in 1911 by one of the owners of the original Clinton Hotel, Joseph Smith. Joseph and his wife Mary are buried at the cemetery in plots # 265 & 266.

Although the Cemetery was closed in 1973, families with reserved sites are able to be interred there today. In 2015 The Village of Clinton completed the transfer of title and maintains and administers the cemetery. The Village is working with the Clinton and District Historical Society to develop a walking trail guide through the cemetery to share the history that is at rest at this peaceful knoll.

Kings Lake Memorial Garden Cemetery

Kings Lake Cemetery established in 1977 is located just south of Clinton. The cemetery is nestled beside Kings Lake and is a peaceful serene setting with a wide open green field at the base of tree lined foothills.

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