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Council Biographies

Mayor Rivett

Village of Clinton MayorOriginally from Ontario and more recently from Alberta, Mayor Rivett and his wife Christine moved to Clinton in September of 2008.

Since arriving in Clinton the Mayor and Christine have embraced community life and state that they “enjoy the community, its people and the relaxed atmosphere Clinton offers.”When asked why he and his wife chose to relocate to Clinton, Mayor Rivett states “my wife brought us to Clinton, Christine had a desire to be closer to the mountains.” A purchase of a small acreage on the north end of the community allows the Rivetts to pursue one of their many passions, horses.

Mayor Rivett was elected for a first term in 2011, and was acclaimed Mayor in the 2014 election. When asked what prompted him to run for Mayor, Rivett states “he chose to run for election the first time to improve the community, and he let his name stand for a second term to see initiatives that he and Council started through to completion.” Mayor Rivett believes that local government is the only level of government where an individual can make a difference, as there are no party politics and you vote for what you believe is the right thing to do.

Mayor Rivett believes that the biggest challenge facing small communities is the lack of understanding by other levels of government regarding the capacity of a small community to deal with reporting, and downloading of responsibilities. Small communities must comply with the same rules that apply to a larger centre like Kamloops, yet the ability of small communities to absorb the financial impact is much more difficult. Another issue relates to providing services, as other levels of government are driven by the need to centralize in order to reduce costs. This means, small communities lose government agencies situated locally and forces their residents to travel. (An example of this being health care)

Mayor Rivett is diligent in his effort to promote Clinton and to increase the quality of life for its residents and businesses. You will find the Mayor in his office most mornings unless other commitments require him to be elsewhere.


Councillor Guerin

Councillor Guerin -Village of ClintonCouncillor Guerin was born in Revelstoke and moved to Clinton with her family in 1972. Her parents were owner/operators of the Central Market Grocery Store and later the 47 Mile Variety Store. Raised in the community and working with the public instilled a deep commitment to the residents of Clinton. Councillor Guerin graduated in Ashcroft, has been married to her husband Chris for over 30 years and raised her family here. She is passionate about the community and has a deep rooted desire to see it flourish like Clinton has in the past.

Councillor Guerin chose to run in the 2011 election because she wanted to be a part of the solution to what she felt were Clinton’s challenges rather than voice continuous opposition.  Growing up Councillor Guerin witnessed firsthand the thriving community that Clinton once was and she believes can be again. Running for a second term in 2014 Councillor Guerin was acclaimed to Council, her reason for running for a second term was that she wanted to “finish what Council had started” and to contribute to Clinton’s wellbeing.

When asked what she is most passionate about in local government, Councillor Guerin states “it’s the people, and their concerns, and how best to address them”, she believes that listening is the key and looking at things from Clinton’s residents perspective while weighing those perspectives against existing policies and bylaws in an effort to make the best decision for the community is a best practice.  Councillor Guerin also enjoys networking with other communities and building ties that will promote the region.

Councillor Guerin feels that the greatest challenge for Clinton is “money and budgets, we have such a small budget and so many needs, such as roads, water lines, economic growth, housing needs, jobs, yet not enough money for all”. She believes that increasing taxes is not the answer, rather economic stability is, meaning jobs; increase in business to service the community and of course more housing. Her goal throughout this term is to continue to advocate for the Village with all levels of government while collectively with her fellow elected officials strive to make Clinton sustainable and a great place to live.


Councillor Marchant

Councillor Marchant - Village of ClintonBorn and raised in Squamish, BC, Councillor Marchant moved to Edmonton after graduation and played football for the Edmonton Huskies while attending trade school where he graduated with a drafting degree. Councillor Marchant switched careers in the 1970’s to municipal utility construction and worked in this field for over 30 years until retirement. Councillor Marchant has many fond memories of Clinton and area from his childhood and in 2005 after retirement he and his wife decided to move and settle in Clinton. Councillor Marchant is a proud dad, grandpa and great grandpa to 5 adult children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Not long after moving to the Village Councillor Marchant realized that not only is the area beautiful, but the greatest thing about Clinton are the people. Councillor Marchant states” that he is amazed at the kindness and generosity of the residents, and in 2011 after some serious thought decided to run for the position of Councillor, simply to try and give something back to the community that had welcomed him”; enjoying his first term on Council and wanting to see started initiatives through to completion Councillor Marchant chose to run for a second term in the 2014 election. Councillor Marchant was acclaimed to Council in 2014.
Councillor Marchant believes that one of the biggest challenges for small communities is maintaining and growing the population. “It is challenging to entice young families to communities with lesser amenities, increasing the population would create economic development opportunities while increasing much needed amenities” states Councillor Marchant.

Councillor Marchant feels that he is a part of a great team of elected officials and staff; his biggest frustration in local government is the “length of time it takes to get things done”. Upon completion of his term in office Councillor Marchant hopes that “he has truly made a difference in helping Clinton become an even more attractive place to live”.


Councillor Park

Councillor Park - Village of ClintonBorn and raised in Clinton, Councillor Park attended school from kindergarten through to graduation here. Councillor Park’s family roots run deep in Clinton and he is proud to call Clinton home. After graduation work caused Councillor Park to move to Vancouver and later Europe, however when it was time to start a family Councillor Park and his partner Jennifer chose to settle in their home town of Clinton to raise their family consisting of three young children. Councillor Park truly believes that “Clinton is the best place on earth to live and raise a family because you can afford a mortgage and the outdoors are only minutes from your doorstep.”

Councillor Park was elected to Council in 2011, he decided to run for Council as he felt that his demographic should be represented at the Council table, he wanted to be involved in the decision making that would define Clinton’s future. With legislation changing in 2014 from a 3 year to a 4 year term Councillor Park was unsure whether he could commit the time as his family ties and responsibilities had significantly increased. Councillor Park was acclaimed to Council in the 2014 election and is looking forward to completing initiatives that were started in his previous term.

Councillor Park is most passionate about “being part of the process” at the Council table, he states that “there are a lot of challenges and a huge learning curve when first elected,” but once you understand the process and realize its significance the opportunities are limitless.

Councillor Park feels that the biggest challenge facing small communities is a lack of funds resulting budget restraints. Small communities all over BC struggle to maintain staffing, infrastructure and services while upper levels of government continue to offload more responsibilities to the municipal level. Councillor Park hopes that with the direction given by the community in the 2014 Sustainability Plan, Clinton will become the thriving sustainable community that residents want it to be.


Councillor Swan

Councillor Swan - Village of ClintonBorn and raised in a small farming community in the Upper Ottawa Valley, Councillor Swan with her husband Greg and two sons made the permanent move to Clinton in 1995. Having come from a rural background the Village of Clinton was just the right fit and the Swans embraced community life raising their children and operating their businesses.
Councillor Swan became the Correspondent to the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal and began attending Council meetings in 1997. Becoming interested in the decision making process and how those decisions affect the future of the community, Councillor Swan chose to run the 2011 election with the hope of being able to give back to the community that had welcomed her and her family.

Councillor Swan states “the first year was a very steep learning curve, not only in the duties of elected officials but also learning to work with a diverse group of people including other levels of government, council members and staff.” After serving on Council for three years, Councillor Swan chose to run in the 2014 election where she was acclaimed as Councillor for the Village of Clinton, giving her the opportunity to continue to serve her community and complete initiatives started in her previous term.

Councillor Swan states “that she is most passionate about communication in local government. To me that means listening to the concerns and opinions of residents, holding open, transparent Council meetings and communicating decisions to the residents.” Councillor Swan feels it is important to consider the views of the residents while making decisions for the community, keeping in mind Village policies, bylaws and jurisdiction.

Councillor Swan feels that Provincial downsizing and centralization as well as a lack in rural health services are some of the biggest challenges faced by small communities. Young people leave their communities to gain employment resulting in an aging population in many small rural communities that often do not have the health services they require. To that end she serves on various committees in an effort to enhance the quality of life for Clinton’s residents.

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