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Invest in Clinton


For those entrepreneurs interested in business, Clinton is the perfect place to establish a commercial, light industrial or home
based business. Fully serviced residential and commercial properties are available to encourage new business enterprise.
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Clinton and the surrounding area are serviced with cell and internet connectivity enabling entrepreneurs to work from home and reside anywhere. The six business opportunities included in this portfolio are only some of the potential businesses that would enhance the Village and create a continued sustainable community. Amenities
available in nearby communities of Ashcroft, 100 Mile House and Kamloops include, hospitals, shopping, airport, and many other services within a 40 minute drive.
Clinton is situated on a major highway corridor, with Ashcroft inland port located just 40 minutes away, enabling the transport of manufactured goods to market.           


The Village of Clinton completed an Investment and Marketing Plan in 2017 to foster economic growth. The plan enables the Village to market the community to potential investors and provides six specific investment opportunities  for the Village. These six opportunities are divided into three specific investment trends, Targeted Retailers,  Developers and Manufacturers. After the completion of the plan  a website was developed specifically to promote the six investment opportunities.  

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                      Invest in Clinton BC


To view the complete Investment and Marketing Plan  click the icon below.


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