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Regional Information

Published on December 1 2017

TNRD scheduled meetings in area "E"

 The project is comprised of three mains sections:

  1. Actively engaging the business community affected by the 2017 wildfire season in the TNRD. This will be accomplished through in person meetings, community engagement sessions and an active marketing campaign.
  2. Quantifying the economic loss in the region, identifying the existing resources and completing a gap analysis to identify opportunities and short-comings with existing support programs.
  3. Recommendations for possible programs or opportunities for the TNRD to undertake moving forward to offer the best possible support for businesses looking to recover from the 2017 wildfire season.

The TNRD will be holding a series of community engagement sessions as outlined in the TNRD link below:

TRND Recovery Brief

TNRD has an active survey designed to collect data from business owners:


Cariboo Regional District

The Cariboo Regional District has hired a Recovery Manager, Stephanie Masun, on contract to the end of March 2018.  She started Friday, October 27. She will be working in conjunction with other Recovery Managers around the region and in neighbouring regions, to collect and coordinate information on recovery resources, connect residents to those resources and learn more about the economic and social impacts facing the region and its residents going forward.

If you need assistance, call or email the Recovery Manager for information on available resources, supports and services. Individual and group meetings will be planned as needed with community members and support organizations.  Contact Stephanie at or 1-866-759-4977.

Recovery information will be posted and updated on the website link posted below as it becomes available.

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