Mayor – One to be elected

Swan, Susan    1418 Soues Street

Rivett, Christine    7508 West Road

Stanke, Roland     1418 Carson Street


Councilor – Four to be elected

Park, David 1000 Kelly Lake Road

Burrage, Sandi 1100 Kelly Lake Road

Forget, Sherri 3771 Mound Loon Lk Road

Piller, Pauline 7229 Elliott Park Way

Kosovic, Nicholas 25 Meadow Lake Road

Schapansky, Darrell 1200 Cariboo Avenue

Weihs-Anderson, Bernice

Pappas, Ted


Voting Information

Advance Polls

Wednesday, October 5th, Village Council Chambers 8am – 8pm

Voting Day

Saturday, October 15, 2022, Memorial Hall 8am – 8pm



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