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Official Community Plan

What’s an OCP?

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is our community’s policy foundation, and is intended to provide a long-term strategy to guide decisions about Village land use, parks, the environment, infrastructure, transportation, financial and social issues, and how to grow sustainably.

The OCP is also a legislative requirement for every municipality in the province, and is governed by the Provincial Local Government Act and Community Charter. Communities normally update their OCP every 5 to 10 years.  Our OCP update was completed in 2016 with the Zoning Bylaw update to be completed in 2017 under the Strategic Plan priorities.

The process of updating the OCP gave us an opportunity to ensure that our guiding policies and community values are aligned. The update acted as a platform for creative dialogue on existing or emerging community issues and thinking about the future.

Topics for the OCP Update to address included:

  1. Implementation of our new Sustainability Plan
  2. How is our population changing?
  3. Where can we accommodate future growth?
  4. How to manage our Parks and the environment
  5. What are our priorities for servicing?

Legislation requires OCP policies to address lands within the municipality only, however, the Village recognizes neighbouring development will also influence our future.  The OCP processes included our First Nations neighbours to ensure we build a collaborative future.

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