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Where history Meets Adventure

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Key Economic Sectors

Tourism, ranching, and forestry build the economic base for the region with local tourism quickly growing with both domestic and international visitors. The ranching community is healthy, possessing some of the best grazing lands in the Province. The film industry is a budding economic sector for Clinton and the region with numerous movie and television productions shot in the region and the TNRD Film Commission actively continuing to market the area for further productions.

More information regarding businesses in the area can be found in the business directory here.


Tourism is potentially the greatest economic generator for Clinton and the surrounding region. As the gateway to a pristine natural environment of the BC wilderness, the Village is the destination for "Where History Meets Adventure" with its rich heritage and an unparalleled backyard.

For the adventurer, explore the region's natural environment with wide snowy vistas in the winter and serene country views in the summer with endless recreation opportunities including hiking, biking, fishing, cross-country skiing, and more.

Image Credit: Gold Country Communities Society

For the history lover, explore local antique shops, visit the Clinton Museum, try the Historic Walking Tour, or attend Clinton's Western Heritage week in May which begins with the famous Clinton Annual Ball - the longest consecutively running event of its kind in Canada since 1867. 

Check out the Village's tourism profile here for more information. 

Images: Clinton Museum (L), Gold Country Communities Society / Guy Lundstrom Photography (R)


The Village of Clinton is quickly becoming known for its vintage and antique shopping. The community is also home to numerous artists and local makers with their fares available at local shops, online, and seasonally at weekly farmers markets. 

Image: Gold Country Communities Society / Roland Stanke


devin-justesen-QrL-aRyuf_8-unsplash.jpgForestry continues to be the mainstay of the local economy and is focused on the supply of lodgepole pine and spruce. Many opportunities in producing a value-added product exist. Wood and byproducts produced locally represent opportunities in furniture making, wood pellets, wood trim, and novelty items. The initiative to establish a value-added plant has received strong support from residents and businesses. 


Ranching is one of the cornerstones of the local economy because of the extensive rangelands in the area. Ranchers in and around Clinton are self-sufficient and are an integral part of the local economy. 

Soil and climatic conditions are mainly conducive to only commercial hay and alfalfa production, and seldom other agriculture production. A commercial feed pellet operation is also feasible given the climate throughout the area. 

Within 50km south of Clinton, there are two commercial vegetable and fruit farms. Further potential exists on the benchlands along the Fraser River provided a suitable and inexpensive irrigation system can be constructed. 


Other projects shot in the area include:

  • The Pledge
  • The Sweet Hereafter 
  • X-Files 
  • Christmas in Calico 
  • America's Most Wanted 
  • Hard Core Logo 
  • Eyes of a Cowboy 
  • Cadence 
  • 5th Estate - Cattle Drive 
  • Jack Rabbit Patrol 
  • Bird on a Wire 
  • Unfinished Life 

Commercials for clients including Toyota, Ford, Kodak, Miller Beer, Nescafe, Yamaha, Canadian Tire, and Chivas Regal have also been shot in the region. 

In 1988, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District established a Film Commission whose mandate was to promote the region as a location to the film and television industry. In 1998, a re-constituted Film Commission Board was established to better position itself and to take advantage of film industry opportunities. 

Numerous feature films, movies of the week, television episodes and commercials have been filmed in the area. These projects provide a boost to the local economy with large production crews taking advantage of the services offered in the community and local residents obtaining parts as extras during filming. 


Mining holds promise for the area and will require significant capital investment to reactivate the limestone deposits in the area. The clay deposits in the region were once used for brick manufacturing and may be suitable for commercial development to supply the pottery market. 

Image: Clinton Museum
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